Maturity models are a proven approach for leaders to improve the effectiveness of their organizations. Synoptek’s Maturity Model enables an organization to assess its own People, Processes, Technology, and IT alignment to the core business, so that attention is focused where the greatest impact can be made. 

This whitepaper addresses the following:

• How should organizations assess their IT operations, while migrating to an anticipated level of IT maturity?

• What are the IT operational gaps in the way to achieve the desired state?

• What are the best practices an organization can follow at each level of the IT maturity model?

• What actions can organizations take to migrate to higher levels of IT maturity and continuous improvement?

• What are the business implications if you do NOT mature your IT operations?

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Transforming Your IT for Business Results: Moving to the Next Level

How to: Interpret, Assess and Transform your IT Maturity for Business Results 

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The maturity model included in this whitepaper enables you to:

• Understand the levels of IT maturity and the impact each has on business operations
• Identify the level of IT maturity within your own organization 
• Help your Board & Business executive peers understand the importance of IT operations